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Local Choice is a FREE magazine delivered by to over 147,000 homes across the distribution regions.

We have consistently designed, printed & delivered 4 different magazines for almost 20 years.

Local Choice is recognised as a household name in the local area and we are recommended by a large amount of business owners who feature in the magazines month in and month out.

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Eden Project Morecambe

Launched in 2004, Local Choice has been established for almost 20 years and is now regarded as a household name in this area.

With almost 147,000 copies delivered by Royal Mail every month, Local Choice provides a great source of local information on events, restaurants, bars & cafe’s, shops, health & beauty and of course, all the tradespeople you will ever need, to get those jobs done around the home.


We offer a FREE design service for your advertisements.


Over 147,000 copies printed every month.


Guaranteed distribution through Royal Mail.

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